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Laurentian Elementary School


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At Laurentian Elementary School (L.E.S.) we work to provide a safe, happy, and harmonious environment where all students can maximize their learning potential and believe in themselves.



Laurentian Elementary School is an English school under the jurisdiction of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board. Its student population is housed at 455 Court Street, in Lachute, Quebec and serves the lower Laurentian community.

Laurentian Elementary School follows the Quebec Educational Program and offers instruction to children between the ages of five (5) to twelve (12), elementary Kindergarten to cycle 3. It offers an MEQ Day Care program. A bilingual program (50 % English, 50 % French) is taught at the Kindergarten. Our cycle 2 levels have a 56% of their subjects taught in English and 44% taught in French. Cycles 1 and 3 receive French language instruction 20% of the time. Laurentian Elementary School has many extra-curricular programs including basketball and leadership.

The overall aspiration of the Educational Project of Laurentian Elementary School is to promote better literacy in both English and French, and promote strong Math, Science and Technology skills.  As well, our aim is to teach students personal, social and problem solving skills that will lead to the realization of our school vision and help them reach their full potential.

We strive for academic excellence in all that we do. Students are encouraged to actively participate in their education. Today, more than ever before, a well-rounded Elementary education contributes to success in the highly technical and scientific world in which we live. All future academic success will be built upon the foundation that a student acquires in reading, writing, mathematics, science and technology.



The purpose of the school success plan is to establish a clear plan of action for Laurentian Elementary School that ensures the success of all students. Our success plan has five main goals:

  • To increase the success rates in Science and Technology
  • To increase the success rate of the MELS grade 6 Math compulsory exam.
  • To implement a school procedure that will ensure that all coded students use assistive technology on a regular basis in the classroom.
  • To increase the reading level of all cycle 3 year 1 students with special needs and help them annually increase their reading levels in English and French.
  • To provide and sustain a safe school environment.

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