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Laurentian Elementary School



NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Boismenu-Moncrieff, Kaitlyn  Support Attendant
Hollingsworth, Dian  Support Attendant
Lees, Tamara  Support Attendant
Scruton, Carolyn  Support Attendant
Searle, Debra  Support Attendant
White, Sherry  Student Support Behaviour Technician
Silverson, Sharon  Support Daycare
McCullough, Shelly  Library Librarian
Stamiris, Nick  Administration Principal
Iannotti, Tanya  Resource Resource
Lehr, Jena  Resource Resource
Rose, Crystal Lynn  Resource Resource
Seale, Lorrie  Administration Secretary
Young, Kristina  Administration Secretary
Bergevin, Melissa  Cycle 3 Teacher
Bisaillon, Mathilde  French Teacher
Boucher, Valerie  Kindergarten Teacher
Brothers, Jan  Cycle 1 Teacher
Charbonneau, Marie-Christine  French Teacher
Cunningham, Christina  Kindergarten Teacher
Dube, Kaylee  Cycle 1 Teacher
Easterbrook, Dawn-Ann  Cycle 1 Teacher
Foreman, Anna  Cycle 3 Teacher
Frénette, Édithe  Cycle 2 Teacher
Gagnon, Vincent  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Laquerre, Émilie  Cycle 2 Teacher
Leboeuf, Laura  Cycle 3 Teacher
Leboeuf, Sarah  Cycle 2 Teacher
MacTavish, Laura  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Madden, Wendy  Cycle 2 Teacher
Mallet, Benoit  French Teacher
Moram, Deborah  Cycle 3 Teacher
Price, Tracy  Cycle 1 Teacher
Smith, Amanda  Cycle 3 Teacher
Titley, Heather  Cycle 1 Teacher

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