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Laurentian Elementary School

Jun '20
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NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Émilie, Laquerre  Cycle 2 Teacher
Bergevin, Melissa  Cycle 3 Teacher
Bisaillon, Mathilde  French Teacher
Boismenu-Moncrieff, Kaitlyn  Support Attendant
Boucher, Valerie  Kindergarten Teacher
Brothers, Jan  Cycle 1 Teacher
Charbonneau, Marie-Christine  French Teacher
Cunningham, Christina  Kindergarten Teacher
Dube, Kaylee  Cycle 1 Teacher
Easterbrook, Dawn-Ann  Cycle 1 Teacher
Foreman, Anna  Cycle 3 Teacher
Frénette, Édithe  Cycle 2 Teacher
Gagnon, Vincent  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Hollingsworth, Dian  Support Attendant
Iannotti, Tanya  Resource Resource
Leboeuf, Laura  Cycle 3 Teacher
Leboeuf, Leboeuf, Sarah  Cycle 2 Teacher
Lees, Tamara  Support Attendant
Lehr, Jena  Resource Resource
MacTavish, Laura  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Madden, Wendy  Cycle 2 Teacher
Mallet, Benoit  French Teacher
McCullough, Shelly  Library Librarian
Moram, Deborah  Cycle 3 Teacher
Price, Tracy  Cycle 1 Teacher
Rose, Crystal Lynn  Resource Resource
Scruton, Carolyn  Support Attendant
Seale, Lorrie  Administration Secretary
Searle, Debra  Support Attendant
Silverson, Sharon  Support Daycare
Smith, Amanda  Cycle 3 Teacher
Stamiris, Nick  Administration Principal
Titley, Heather  Cycle 1 Teacher
White, Sherry  Student Support Behaviour Technician
Young, Kristina  Administration Secretary

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Synonyms: discussion, word.

Usage: Paul and I were having a civil give-and-take on the issue of gun control, but Maria became uncomfortable and insisted that we change the subject.

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