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Hooked on School Re-entry Campaign [B7212:2020-08-21]

Dear Colleagues,

From August 17 to September 4, a special edition of Hooked on School Days will take place in order to motivate young people to return to school after these many months of lockdown. The objective is to create a positive and hopeful atmosphere for the start of this exceptional new school year.

More than ever, young people need our encouragement and support. Let’s be there for them by continuing to inspire, motivate and encourage them. Together, let’s make this back to school season a success! 


Everywhere in Quebec, back to school, together, for them!


Take part in the campaign!


1. Share the promotional video in your professional and personal networks and on social media!

2. Dress up your social media accounts with the campaign’s visuals.


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3. Use the campaign’s signature in your emails.


4. Record and post messages of encouragement on social media with the #Togetherforthem hashtag. Don’t forget to let us know so we can repost them!


5. Follow the campaign on our social media : Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn



Together, let’s make this unusual back to school season a success!

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We thank you in advance for your collaboration!


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